As a member of Coyote Crossing Golf Club, you also have reciprocal access to these partner courses:

Coyote Crossing Members may play these partner courses at a reduced rate.  Advanced Reservation required with indication of playing as a reciprocal member from Coyote Crossing.  A photo ID and Coyote Crossing Member bag tag are required at check-in.  Standard rates apply for accompanied guests.

Harrison Hills, Attica, IN   765.762.1135

Sandy Pines, DeMotte, IN   219.987.3611   Central Time

Tippecanoe CC, Monticello, IN   574.583.9977

Wildcat Creek, Kokomo, IN   765.455.3673

Pacific Links International

Your Coyote Crossing membership includes reciprocal privileges at 800+ courses worldwide through the Pacific LinksInternational network. Tee time reservations must be made through Pacific Links at least 14 days in advance.  An updated list of PLI affiliate and reciprocal clubs can be found online.

Coyote Crossing is a PLI Affiliate Club so members receive complimentary greens fees at other PLI Affiliate Clubs, and discounted fees at PLI Reciprocal Clubs.  Cart and/or caddie fees apply at all PLI Clubs.  Accompanying guests pay the applicable guest rate.

To be able to request tee times at PLI Clubs, members must first setup an account with PLI at: https://www.links2golf.com/signup/

Once an account is established, requests for tee times at PLI courses must be made at least 14 days in advance through Links 2 Golf: https://www.links2golf.com/login/

You will need to include your name, your Coyote Crossing member number, your home club (Coyote Crossing), the date/time & course you would like to play, and guests’ names (and member numbers if applicable).  Pacific Links will confirm all reservations with the requested Club and member. A photo ID will be required at check in. Please remember that all tee time reservations, changes, or cancellation must made through Links 2 Golf, and members are not to contact the host Club directly.  Please contact the Coyote Crossing pro shop with any questions or issues with booking thru Links 2 Golf.

Please remember that all tee time reservations must be made through the Pacific Links. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE CLUB DIRECTLY.


Golf Tournaments for Members of Coyote Crossing Golf Club

2023 Tournament Schedule and Registration

Members must have a current index to compete in Net games


Thursday Evenings

5:30PM Shotgun Start

Two-Man Teams
9 Hole Matches for 18 Points
Low Net per hole = 1 point
Low Net Total per hole = 1 point
Top 8 points in each division qualify for playoffs

Participants must be a golf member with a valid handicap.


Thursday Mornings

9:00 AM Shotgun

18 holes

To register or for more information please contact Brenda Loucks bsloucks@att.net 



FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE – Play your 9-hole league round anytime during the week.

League play begins the week of April 10 and concludes August 30

Click Here for schedule & details on the Ladies 9-Hole Weekday League

‘Robin’s Birdies’ is a group of ladies that tees off every Wednesday at 5:00-5:30 PM from May to August

For questions or more information, please contact Tina 413-8855


In order to operate a personal golf cart on Coyote Crossing property, you must be a current member in good standing.  A Personal Cart Agreement must be signed by the member before operating a personal cart and all rules must be followed, including obtaining liability insurance.

Coyote Crossing Member Personal Cart Agreement (PDF)


Personal Cart Rules

Updated 9/1/2022

These rules may be updated at any time at the discretion of the Club

– Cart must be electric (not gas powered)
– Cart must be an approved neutral color: white, black, white, silver, grey, cream, tan, gold, green
– Cart must have proper turf tires (not off-road or mud tires)
– Cart must be in good working condition
– Cart appearance should be acceptable and without defects, decals, tape or any inappropriate decorations
– If operated from sunset to sunrise, cart must have working headlights and must remain on the cart path
– Players must obey all daily cart rules set by the pro shop while playing the course
– Carts crossing the golf course must remain on the cart path and yield right-of-way to golfers on the course
– Persons in a cart crossing the golf course must be courteous to players on the course
– Personal beverages are not permitted to be carried-on or consumed on golf course property
– Any music must be maintained at a volume not heard more than 50 yards away from the cart
– The minimum required liability insurance is $500,000


Members in good standing are able to charge purchases at the club to their member account.  Members that would like to utilize their member charging privileges must have a payment method on file with auto-payment setup on their account. Members may access their account online anytime to review charges on their account. Statements of charges are emailed on the last day of the month, and auto payments are then charged on the 2nd day of the month.  Credit cards on auto payments incurr a 3% service fee, but ACH auto payments via bank accounts are not assessed any additional fees.  Below are instructions on how to add a payment method to a member account:


3% service fee on monthly auto-payment

  1. Login to your member account online: https://foreupsoftware.com/index.php/booking/20333#/login
  2. Click ‘My Account’ in top right corner
  3. Select ‘Billing’ in the left menu and then ‘Manage Payment Methods’
  4. Click the ‘Add Payment Method’ button on the right
  5. Select ‘Add Credit Card Instead’ in the lower right corner of pop-up window
  6. Enter your card information and select ‘Save Card’
  7. Select ‘Make Default’


No additional service fees for monthly auto-payment

  1. Login to your member account online: https://foreupsoftware.com/index.php/booking/20333#/login
  2. Click ‘My Account’ in top right corner
  3. Select ‘Billing’ in the left menu and then ‘Manage Payment Methods’
  4. Click the ‘Add Payment Method’ button on the right
  5. Click the ‘I agree’ check box and then the ‘Agree & Continue’ button in the pop-up window
  6. Follow the instructions to enter your bank Routing & Account numbers and click ‘Agree & Continue’
  7. Your bank account has been added but still needs to be verified. In 1-3 business days you’ll receive two micro deposits in your bank account along with an email notifying you when they hit your account.
  8. To verify the micro deposits, login to your member account online: https://foreupsoftware.com/index.php/booking/20333#/login
  9. Click ‘My Account’ in top right corner
  10. Select ‘Billing’ in the left menu and then ‘Manage Payment Methods’
  11. Click the ‘Verify’ button next to the bank account.
  12. Enter in the micro deposit amounts without any decimals.
  13. Once correctly verified, you’ll receive a confirmation window, and you can then select the default payment method for your account.


Please call the pro shop 765.497.1061 or email Brent@CoyoteCrossingGolf.com with any questions.


Your membership includes a golf handicap thru the Indiana Golf Association (IGA), United States Golf Association (USGA) Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) and the World Handicap System (WHS).

To record scores to your handicap, you may download the USGA GHIN mobile app by searching for ‘GHIN’ in your App store.

You may also post scores online at: https://www.ghin.com/login

If necessary, please contact the pro shop for your GHIN account number.

Learn more about the GHIN system online


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